finishing touches

did I mention I was enjoying knitting the baby cardigan? I have now completed all edgings and the collar:


and have made some tasty buttons. Here they are before:


and after baking:


they were meant to be ladybirds, but I found sculpting ladybird faces a bit of a challenge. Though now merely suggestive of my original idea, I think they still look pretty good. I’m very pleased with them, as well as with the collar and edging. So pleased, in fact, that it seems a shame to have the latter repeatedly stretched out of shape around the buttons as the cardigan is done up, and undone. The solution is for the buttons to assume a status purely decorative, and forgo the buttonholes. Snap fasteners will be discretely hidden on the cardigan edging in place of buttonholes. I hate buttonholes. My yarnover buttonholes always look, well, like holes, and the single downside of this pattern was that it included three nasty little buttonholes of the YO/k2tog variety. Bah to them. In any case, I think the snaps are probably more practical on a garment for a young baby, and the buttons will now be able to stand proudly and securely on the front edging.

Tomorrow I sew.