I suppose it all depends on what you mean by “public”… In any case, my contribution to worldwide knit-in-public day (June 9th) was to take a project (something I am knitting for the Rowan exchange) to the top of Ben Lomond and knit it there.

Here I am.

The weather was fantastic — just a few swirling clouds at the top. We had views across Loch Lomond to the Cobbler, and north to the highlands proper.

We came up across the Ptarmigan – a nicer and more varied ascent than the usual route. I found knitting at 3,000 feet strangely exhilarating and now have a vague notion of knitting my way up all 284 munros. Whadaya reckon?

2 thoughts on “knitting at 3000 feet

  1. Hi Kate, it’s me Jen, from Napa, CA. I am knitting your Neepheid , and really enjoying it, but mostly, am really thinking about you. You’re such an interesting person to me. I thought to start reading some of your earlier posts on your blog, as I cut my finger and can’t do most things I normally do with my time. These photos of you in the high mtns are so poetic ~ the color of red against green, the odd task of knitting while in the harsh mountainous outdoors, and the usual adorable little smile on your face. I also hike and backpack with my man, enjoying the high altitude with knitting, and find in general, the altitude really gets my creativity going. One trip (I think around August 07) I composed a very intricate plot for a novel, but when I came down to sea level and the congestion of everyday life, I really forgot the finer details, or, maybe they just weren’t so evokative as I thought while at 9000 ft. :lol: Anyway, I really enjoy the kindred mtn spirit shared with you, and how you are a phantom mentor of mine, though you don’t know this. Thank you for sharing your life , and with such delicate detail for artistry and intelligence ! ~Jen


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