razzle dazzle rose

Ladies and gentlemen, I present razzle dazzle rose:


a sweater created by yours truly in a mere five days. It is, of course, also the name of a lovely, elegaic song by Camera Obscura, who provided some of the soundtrack to our journeys round Skye a couple of weeks ago.


The yarn is the wonderful stuff I recently bought from Shilasdair Yarns. I bought 450g of the rose colour, and 150g – the last 150g – of that nice deep indigo shade. I saved the indigo for the yoke, thinking there would not be enough for stripes elsewhere. I really like the balance of colours in the finished sweater and have enough of both colours left over for a hat…and perhaps some mittens. In the end, the whole sweater only used 400g of yarn.

From start to finish, this was an immensely satisfying knit. I spent several days picturing what it would look like, and anticipating the knitting. After working up a swatch and adjusting a few calculations from existing well-fitting sweaters, I knitted a simple seamless yoke from the bottom up, with no pattern, fitting it to myself as I went along. It was incredibly mesmeric to knit. And I was determined I would have it finished before it was time to begin work again on Monday….By lunchtime today, as I worked on the yoke, I had entered a sort of knitting nirvana, coloured rose and indigo, and constituted entirely of goathland aran. World outside? What world outside?

By 6pm I had a perfectly fitting sweater, with no seams to sew up and only a few ends to weave. Huzzah! Yarn rhapsody! Unadulterated woolly smugness!


Its a good job you can’t see my fixedly staring eyes, which have taken on a cartoon-like aspect, composed of woolly pink and purple spirals.

Did I mention the sweater fits me really well? It does.

Yarn: Shilasdair Goathland Aran (300g shade 441. 100g shade 451).
Needles: 5mm and 5.5mm
Pattern: My own, with some help from Elizabeth Zimmermann.