For several months now, I’ve been going into the bathroom and discovering sights like this:


And strange things like this have been appearing in the kitchen:


These objects are signs that our flat has now fully realised its second function as a brewery. At first this transformation caused me some concern. For example, when Tom said he was bringing home a mash tun, I envisaged an enormous vat in which I would be forced to spend evenings of unbearable heat and grueling physical toil, relentlessly treading malt grain. Then he turned up with an innocuous vessel that resembled a picnic basket and all was well.

In any case, I am completely reconciled to the year-round supplies of (very) tasty beer and my drone-like role in the process. For my lowly task is to apply the bottle caps. Here are the fruits of yesterday’s labours:


A delicious red ale using Irish yeast.

As well as the beer in its nice brown bottles I have another brown thing to show. A while ago now, I started making Tom a vest for the cross country season. He runs for a club whose ethos embraces the idiosyncratic and handmade. Their colour is brown and in my vest he fits right in. I finally finished off the neck and armhole edging yesterday, and am very pleased with the results. Here he is obligingly modelling said vest this morning, together with the number of a race he ran a couple of weeks ago:


And here is the vest from the back. (Yes, I have become completely obsessed with duotone)


I think it has a hokey, yet dashing Chariots of Fire air about it. But only a knitter would appreciate the ludicrous contradictions of this vest — being, as it is, a utility garment fashioned from a rather luxe yarn. For it is made of Rowan Calmer and has a satisfying spring and cashmere-like softness. I knitted it in the round to the armholes, then divided for front and back, and kind of made up the racer style armholes as I went along. The curve could have been a bit less severe across the back but I quite like the airy effect the edging has produced. He’s off trying it out this morning at Jedburgh.

8 thoughts on “brown things

  1. We just started home brewing a couple of months ago. It’s an interesting and fun process. My husband does most of it. My part consists of helping decide on flavors and ingredients and a little help in the bottling process. Oh…and…yes…the drinking of the delicious results. :-)


  2. Knitting and homebrewing go hand in hand. There is all that waiting during the brewing process and then nothing goes better with a good pint than an easy knit. My husband brews as well, and my kitchen regularly looks like a mad scientist lab.


  3. Ooh! Homebrew!

    I love the vest, I made a scarf out of that very color of Rowan Calmer for a friend a few years ago, and he wears it all the time. Good stuff, Calmer.


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