Well, if you actually want one (or more) of these babies just let me know. I offered Richard Widmark to my Ma, but she wasn’t interested. And The Man who Fell to Earth is already taken.

Just look! As well as Burt, Clara Bow, St Jude, and a cheesy still from Blow Up , there are two (that’s two) Mick Travis’s in there. I saw Malcolm McDowell give his one-man show reading from the diaries of Lindsay Anderson at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago. To this occasion, and an associated screening of O! Lucky Man, I wore a T-Shirt on which I had printed the words “How much are they paying you?” This reference will be lost on anyone who hasn’t seen the film (that’s probably most of you, then) but I can assure you I felt stupidly happy wearing it.

Anyway, I would be happy to swap anything wee – eg button, ribbon, chocolate. . .you can leave a comment here or email me (address is on the ‘about’ page above). This is a one-off exchange and they are not for sale.