swap joy

I’m really enjoying the badge swap. Here are a selection of the wee treats I’ve already received:

Joy! Thanks so much, Anna, Amy, and Claire! I was particularly impressed with the speed of the post from Canada and Sweden.

Meanwhile, badge madness continues. This time, though, I’ve managed to turn out some I can actually wear about my person.

These are made from tiny samples given to me by a friend and originally from (sigh) Linnet. The quality of their fabrics is just superb — theres the same sort of pleasure handling them as there is in the fabrics I’ve seen in nineteenth-century sample books. They are priced accordingly (particularly if one is considering buying them from Japan). I also attempted to make a couple of badges out of my bag of saved selvedges (inspired by Jodie’s keyrings) but these were less successful. But my Linnet-fabric badges have the same sort of appeal as covered buttons. In fact, the badge maker might very easily be put to use making some of these . . hmmm . . . .