These flickr memes have been doing the rounds in various incarnations. The movie one is my favourite so far.

1. Favourite Movie? (A Man Escaped)
2. Favourite movie genre? (Melodrama)
3. Favourite actor? (Mitchum)
4. Favourite acress? (Bette)
5. What movie always makes you cry? (Ikiru)
6. What movie have you watched over & over? (3 Days of the Condor)
7. Worst movie you ever saw? (Ah, so many. I was sorely tempted by Bicentennial Man. But that was so bad it was funny. Truly Ugly Really is very, very bad, and not funny at all.)
8. What was the last movie you watched? (Writing in the Sand)
9. Favourite cult movie? (O! Lucky Man)
10.Most embarrassing favourite movie? (The Love Match. But then I’m not embarrassed by it.)
11. Hottest actor or actress? (I’m only talking Stamp in and around the time of Theorem , you understand).
12. The actor or actress most people say you remind them of. (Not hubris. I do not like HBC).

Details originally on flickr