sounding out

Me and the quilt have been sounding each other out for some weeks now.

I have been trying various things on the quilt top. Various threads. Various directions. None of them felt or looked quite right. Whatever feeling I followed, the stitch lines just seemed wrong. Stitching the quilt top seemed to work against the wonky lines of the panels, against the stripes of the t-shirts. I felt I was losing Belle’s clothes in the stitches.

But then I tried tying the corners of the panels with sock yarn, so that the tie-ends showed on the quilt back.

This looked right. Sort of sounded right too. Like gracenotes rather than interference.

So I’ve sounded this quilt out now. It is tied, and trimmed, and I have the binding ready. It will be finished this weekend. A celebratory picnic is planned.

till then . . .