belle’s summer quilt

The quilt is finished!

To recap: The quilt-top is made out of twelve of Belle’s stripey t-shirts, cut up and pieced together; I used an old blue sheet for the quilt back and one layer of light cotton batting. I tried various methods of hand-quilting the top, but didn’t like the way the stitches interfered with the fabric. So I tied the quilt with opal sock yarn (left over from a pair of socks I made for Mr B) and the ties are fixed so that they show through on the back rather than the front. Finally, I cut 2″ strips from a pair of gingham trousers, sewed them together, and used them to bind the quilt.

I am very pleased with the finished quilt. It was a difficult thing to make, but the process has been a thoughtful and a focused one.

Today we took the quilt out for a picnic in Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. Everything is flourishing.

We picked a nice spot. . .

ate a picnic. . .

and enjoyed the scenery. . .

Here’s me shaking the crumbs from the quilt when it was time to go

and folding it up

and here’s a final shot of the quilt out on the grass in the sun.

In 2002, just after we moved to Edinburgh, Belle came to stay with us, and we went with her to the Botanic Gardens. It was this time of year, and just this kind of summer weather too. We had a lovely day. Belle loved flowers and plants and had a beautiful garden. It felt right to be taking a quilt made from her things to a place she liked so much, full of the plants that she enjoyed. Here she is in the glasshouse in the Botanic Gardens six years ago.