More wardrobe refashioning: a few years ago, I knitted Tom a tank top (or vest, or whatever you like to call ’em) which turned out to be too big for him: a (gulp) Kaffe Fassett pattern called “dotty” from the Rowan Magazine. It’s a nice, autumnal pattern, in felted tweed with the dots worked in tapestry (a yarn I hated to work with, but which turned out just right for the look of this tank top). Anyway, Tom loved the vest, but since it didn’t really fit, he rarely wore it. So I thought I’d have a go at shrinking and felting it a little down to my size. So I wet it, stuck it in the tumble dryer on the cool-ish setting for about 15 minutes, then took it out and stretched and blocked it to my dimensions. Bingo!

I love the new me-sized dotty, but Tom is now rather jealous. I have been told I have to knit him a proper fairisle-y replacement.

I like the way the slight felting has changed the colour of the dots, which now merge seamlessly from a sort of rust to a deep forest green. And the wool is not completely felted up: the ribbing still looks like ribbing.

Pattern: Kaffe Fassett, Dotty.
Originally made to fit 40″ chest on 3.75mm addis, now felted down to fit me.
Yarn: felted tweed and Tapestry.
Ravelled here

Mule took the pictures. Thanks, Mule.