as you were

It feels as if things are returning to ‘normal’. The physios are very pleased with Tom’s progress. He must now punish the healed-up hand with constant exercise to regain maximum mobility, and is also allowed to do everyday things again. Today we both went for a run in the hills. Time to fire up my trusty walshes and throw myself off a summit into a howling gale — hurrah! I have also (happily) been relieved from cooking duty. This means I now have the pleasure of devouring things like this again:

Tom’s pear and ginger cake. Insanely good and one of my favourite things to eat ever. This version had the added bonus of fresh eggs from Sarah’s hens (thanks, Sarah). Recipe from Jane Grigson’s fruit book.

Now the usual household division of labour is reinstated, theres also a bit more time for completing old projects. . .

. . .and exploring the potential of some new ones:

Mostly, though, I’m just so thankful that Tom is able to use his hand again — with not much mobility and still less feeling, but he can use it. The transformation from bloodied stump-thing to working appendage has really been remarkable and has filled me with a stupid sense of wonder at what the human body (and some very good surgeons) can do. I did sort of want to show you before and after shots, but was told that this was far too gruesome. Anyway, thanks once again for all your good wishes and encouraging words. Those of you who emailed us with positive things to say about healed injuries and physiotherapy were (of course) absolutely right. Thanks! x