I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Sussex and Devon with the fabulous Felix. Seriously, how much good stuff can you pack into just one weekend? There was the drinking of the ales . . .

. . .the discovery of a unique landscape shaped by beasts and textiles. . .

. . . much general hilarity. . .

. . . serious research . . .

and wonderful walks.

We had of course brought boots stout enough to withstand the autumnal oomska.

More of our trip and schemes anon. . .

14 thoughts on “oomska

  1. What a source of wonder and fun old knitting books are. I was recently looking through some of my old Rowan books and found that one from 1992 contained a lot of photos of Kate Moss in chunky knits.


  2. Looks like you had alot of fun. I enjoyed the photo with you in the mirror – it really added another dimension to your picture. I also appreciated the photo of the sheep, normally their are photographed in green pastures – to see it among tall dry grasses and the bare branches of shrubs was most interesting.


  3. Did you knit that red vest you are wearing? I LOVE it. All your photos are fabulous. Makes me wish for all your clothes & those cute wellies! :D


  4. ‘The extent of its atrocity was irresistible’


    I think it epitomises (as you pointed out at the time of perusing the book) ‘the death of knitting.’

    But how hilarious to remember it again… and the oomska, which is still making me laugh out loud.

    What great photos you have taken of our adventures!


  5. I own that WWF knitting book. The extent of its atrocity was irresistible. And who knows when you’ll need to kit the family out in matching lion jumpers?


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