Trellick Tower skirt


I am unwell. I am grumpy because I am unwell. I hate getting colds and flu and am a very bad patient indeed. That is all you need to know about that. Now let us move on to the pleasant sewing activities.

I have been knocking up several Clothkits items recently. The two red needlecord thingies above are little gifts — a camera case and a pencil case — both made for a couple of friends who do not sew, but who have expressed admiration for the clothkits aesthetic. I used my own lining fabric rather than the ticking that that came with the kit. The other two images are of the the tasty orange facing and back seam of — you guessed it — another skirt. This one showcases Ernő Goldfinger’s Trellick Tower as interpreted by the fantastic designers at People Will Always Need Plates. It is very good for stomping around the city in, even with a heavy cold.


It is pictured here against a suitably urban, though unfortunately not brutalist backdrop. Edinburgh is not big on brutalism. But it does do a good line in hills.


. . . including the one on which I am standing, and the one behind, me, which, to those in the know is also Mead Mountain.


I like Clothkits skirts enormously, have made three now, and this is definitely my confirmed favourite.

Anyway, normal blog business will resume in the coming week. Hopefully I shall have more to talk about than being ill. (Erm, did I mention I was feeling peaky? . . .)