owls redux

Clearly there are many of you who like owls just as much as I do! Owl tattoo, Kirsty? Cor! As a brief glimpse into the murky depths of my long-standing owl obsession, I thought I’d show you a birthday card Tom made for me eight years ago. At this time, we were in our mod phase, and rode around Sheffield on 1960s Lambrettas we had acquired from the legendary Armando. The title of Tom’s genius artwork is “Wazz Rides with Owls and Bears”. It shows a heavily photoshopped still from the film Quadrophenia, with my head (note short haircut and youthful demeanour), and the heads of several owls and bears, superimposed over those of Phil Daniels and the other riders. Riding with owls. What could be better?


Anyway, just to let you know: I shall write up the pattern, it will be freely available here and on ravelry, and if you leave / have left a comment on yesterday’s post, I’ll make sure you are added to the email list to receive a copy.
hoot hoot!