remember . . .


These? I had forgotten just how much I liked them until I stitched up another. This one was made for my friend Mel, who I am thinking about today.


You will recall that the basic construction of these pincushions is Japanese, but the aesthetic of this one has (to my mind, anyway) somehow morphed toward the USA. I think this is probably because I recently fell in love with the marvellous ‘huswifes’ that Theresa has been making (examples of which can be seen here and here). Now I look at it again, though, one might just as well read those colours as Italian . . .but in any case, I am about to make another pincushion, with other national connections — with a particular link to a particular aspect of British textile history. I’m also writing up a tutorial for the cushion, and you will soon be able to find this here.