now available


the owlet pattern is now available on the designs page and through ravelry.

Included in the download are two separate patterns for the baby and kid owlet, covering 10 sizes from 6 months to 12 years. I’ve written the baby pattern in an aran weight, and the kids pattern in chunky weight yarn. When test knitting a number of yokes I found that while chunky owls rather overwhelmed a toddler-sized sweater, the sheer number of aran-weight owls did the exactly same for a kids sweater. Thus both the baby and kid owlets feature between 12 and 16 owls, which is plenty for a wee person, particularly when one considers sewing on all those button eyes. Both sweaters incorporate much more positive ease than the adult o w l sweater, so that they can be easily worn over layers of vests and t-shirts. They are also designed with a shallower yoke depth, and a wider neck than the adult o w l s, to allow for proportionately larger heads and smaller chests/shoulders. I’ve also included some (optional) gentle waist shaping at the top end of the kids owlet size range, which you may want to use if knitting for a girl.

Thanks for all your kind words about the general unpleasantness with which I’d rather this pattern wasn’t associated. I’d also like to thank Clothkits (with whom I was working on the intended owlet kit), for being so incredibly supportive. Yesterday, I had to write yet another formal letter of complaint to yet another company (based in Germany, this time) who were distributing the adult owl pattern from their website. My last word on this tedious little farrago is that, having taken some advice, I’ve decided to move the code of the adult o w l s from my site over to ravelry, where it will still be available as a free download. This may at least deter people from just nabbing the pdf and reproducing it elsewhere.

cheers, everyone, and enjoy the wee o w l s!