the owlet pattern is now available on the designs page and through ravelry.

Included in the download are two separate patterns for the baby and kid owlet, covering 10 sizes from 6 months to 12 years. I’ve written the baby pattern in an aran weight, and the kids pattern in chunky weight yarn. When test knitting a number of yokes I found that while chunky owls rather overwhelmed a toddler-sized sweater, the sheer number of aran-weight owls did the exactly same for a kids sweater. Thus both the baby and kid owlets feature between 12 and 16 owls, which is plenty for a wee person, particularly when one considers sewing on all those button eyes. Both sweaters incorporate much more positive ease than the adult o w l sweater, so that they can be easily worn over layers of vests and t-shirts. They are also designed with a shallower yoke depth, and a wider neck than the adult o w l s, to allow for proportionately larger heads and smaller chests/shoulders. I’ve also included some (optional) gentle waist shaping at the top end of the kids owlet size range, which you may want to use if knitting for a girl.

Thanks for all your kind words about the general unpleasantness with which I’d rather this pattern wasn’t associated. I’d also like to thank Clothkits (with whom I was working on the intended owlet kit), for being so incredibly supportive. Yesterday, I had to write yet another formal letter of complaint to yet another company (based in Germany, this time) who were distributing the adult owl pattern from their website. My last word on this tedious little farrago is that, having taken some advice, I’ve decided to move the code of the adult o w l s from my site over to ravelry, where it will still be available as a free download. This may at least deter people from just nabbing the pdf and reproducing it elsewhere.

cheers, everyone, and enjoy the wee o w l s!

20 thoughts on “now available

  1. Another pattern, another theft.
    There were knitted egg covers (+ chocolate egg and cup) available in Te**o over Easter, apparently copied exactly from a UK blog.
    How can these people sleep easy?!


  2. I always link to your page whenever mentioning owls in any pattern. Your article somewhere on your blog about other owls in knitting history was very good, so I try to send people to there to find out more. These owls really fascinate people.


  3. I missed the details of this because I’ve been away and offline, but I think it’s sad and telling that today I went online and found that two of the small group of knitblogs that I read (you and Flint knits have both been having trouble with people profiting from your intellectual property.

    It’s utterly outrageous that people and companies think that this is an acceptable way to behave and I’m so sorry to hear that you’re losing out after all your hard work.

    I’ve just downloaded the owlets pattern as a gesture of solidarity and I’ll certainly be knitting it up when the many small babies I know get a bit bigger!


  4. Owl sweater alert! I spotted an owl sweater on a LYS owner from this clip:

    from the Early Show on CBS. It’s a story on how knitting and other needlework is good for your health. Although I hate it when they talk about grandmothers and knitting (neither of my grandmothers ever knit a thing in all their lives!) it was still a nice story. And there were owls!


  5. So sorry to read that yet again your work has been stolen. I recently had to complain to someone who was using photos of one of my quilts on her website without permission (and attribution)- not on the same scale as your problem, as it wasn’t depriving me of income, but annoying nevertheless.


  6. I have just paid for and downloaded owlet . Thank you so much for all the effort that you have put into this gorgeous pattern.


  7. I am so sorry you’ve had to deal with all this. Stealing is totally lame.

    I adore these wee little owls! Thank you so much for generously sharing the pattern with us.


  8. I have just joined ravelry and consequently found your adorable paper dolls and owl patterns. They are THE best patterns i have seen in a while and i will endeavour to make both!! I haven’t read the details of people taking your patterns but i must say the thought of it angers me. All that work you must have done in designing them…….anyway i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. I love your style and so does my 10 year old who is looking over my shoulder at the patterns and saying “wow”.


  9. This is a link to the CBS Early Show. The topic is knitting/crocheting/sewing for health.

    The knitting teacher is wearing an owl!!!


  10. People stealing like that just make me grumpy… it’s so freaking wrong and I don’t get how they can do it. That said, KUDOS on getting the little ones patterns done.


  11. I’d just like to add my commiserations to the others above. You’ve been treated really shabbily, I feel, and it is the more infuriating when you yourself were so generous with your creativity. This junior version really is adorable – I particularly like the fact that it is totally suitable for boys and girls – and I hope you sell many parliaments-full!


  12. i enjoyed your owl pattern so much and was pleased to hear that you were going
    to put together those kits so you could get some remuneration. I’m so sorry to
    hear that someone took advantage of all your hard work and generous spirit.
    Thanks again for the great patterns. Keep up the great work.


  13. Just downloaded my very own o w l e t. Now I just have to decide which yarn it will look best in.

    Again, I’m so sorry that your talent and goodwill have been abused like this.


  14. It may not mean very much in the grand scheme of things, but I am extremely disappointed for you. Thank you for these adorable patterns and good luck with all future pattern-writing endeavours.


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