waggle dance

We have a winner in the bee-bag competition — congratulations Krystn! I shall now perform a waggle dance on your behalf, using the sun to indicate your location and the nearest available source of screen-printed, bee-adorned calico bags. I’ve sent you a message, so that you can email me your postal address. Your bag shall contain some other bee-themed treats, but I shall not spoil the surprise by illustrating them here. If anyone wishes to join me in my congratulatory waggle dance, you should follow the illustration on the right, move in a figure of eight, and remember to perform 100 circuits.

12 thoughts on “a winner

  1. Congrats to the winner…I am a teensy bit jealous! The bees in my hive at the museum have swarmed and we have a new queen. Normally our queen is marked by a small dot of paint so visitors can easily spot her, however, since this queen was born in the hive and not introduced from an outside apiary she has no spot. It would be much too difficult to get her out of the hive and mark her without losing all the bees inside the museum so now it is extra difficult to spot her. We seem to have queen cells still, which is strange, so we think there may actually be a second swarm in the near future. In any case, the bees are all very busily doing the waggle dance all day long!


  2. I have just conjured up this image of crazy women around the world trying to follow the arrows and do a waggle dance in front of their computer! It made me smile.

    Well done Krystn………I’m off to waggle…….


  3. I read an article on waggle dances once and tried to do one in front of my fiancé to show him how I imagined them. Good thing he already knew I was nuts! ;)

    And to all of those dancing out there, remember to dance on a resonating floor! Also, don’t be surprised if others touch you while dancing, it might be an important part. ;)


  4. Thank you so much! I am simply delighted to have won this prize! I have a bag problem anyway…I love them!
    I will so enjoy putting a little knitting project, or two, or even some of my spindles and spinning, into your lovely bag!

    I also love seeing the other Krystn-like names….over here in USA, the way my name is spelled is so unusual that I have only met ONE other in my whole life…I know that in Europe, there are many similar names.

    So, again…thanks, I am truly honored to have been selected the winner!

    Krystn Madrine
    Central Pennsylvania


  5. Hey – did you mean me or Kristin, who was the first to leave a comment? What a coincidence with our names ;)))

    Krystyna, waggle dancing anyway ;)))


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