Felix is here. It has been a fruit-full weekend. Yesterday morning there was knitting to be done and treats to be found at the farmer’s market.


And then we made the most of a sunny afternoon and had a great walk along the Clyde from New Lanark. The lush woodland around the falls is utterly glorious at this time of year.


Along the river bank we discovered masses of bilberries (or blackhearts if you are Thomas Hardy) at just the right stage of ripeness. We also found beautiful ripening hips and sloes, which I took note of for later autumn months. We gathered up the berries, wrapped them in Felix’s handkerchief, and took them home where they joined raspberries from our allotment, and currants and gooseberries from the farmer’s market in a giant soft fruit crumble. We cooked this up and ate it with some gusto.


The best drink to accompany such magnificent summer fruitfulness is, of course, a glass of Tom’s home-brewed raspberry and elderflower mead, which we bottled up a year ago. It is tasting mighty fine.