Can it be? No, really? Yes, indeed it is the Dorset Cereals eggcup of dreams! Cheers, everyone — your votes were really very much appreciated. A big bloggy thanks to you all! In proper award-receiving manner, I must also thank my postie (who kindly leaves parcels for me on the mat rather than returning them to the depot-of-doom) and Mrs Fairnie from upstairs, (who retrieves said parcels when she pops in to feed Jesus (miaow)). It was an incredibly exciting package to discover when I arrived home. What joy! Oh yes, and thankyou, Dorset Cereals. This morning I actually consumed some tasty Dorset breakfast fayre from a plastic cup in my tent. But tomorrow morning, my lightly-boiled breakfast will be presented in an infinitely superior cup, warmed by a magnificent cosy of Tyrian purple hue! Three loud huzzahs for all of you kind voters, for Dorset Cereals, and, um, for me!