Anyone who reads The Knitter might be interested to know that I’ve a feature in the most recent issue. The piece looks at how wool shaped the landscape of the Upper Calder Valley — and it is followed by a textile history walk that I devised around Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall. The landscape I’m talking about is the one that I grew up in, and for that and other reasons, it was very fun to write.

13 thoughts on “Heptonstall walk

  1. Hi Kate, I have just discovered your blog, and was very excited to see your tweed dress! I have been perusing the Harris Tweed website for a week now trying to figure out what tweed to buy to make my: coat, winter skirts, armchair cover. I want to cover everything in Harris Tweed. I love your dress. Paula x x x


  2. Thanks for drawing my attention to this article. I live in Calderdale and the textile history of the area is so rich and interesting. It is just a shame that there is so little of it left. Although West Yorkshire has many yarn companies, most of the manufacturing takes place overseas.


  3. I’ll keep an eye out for that. I live close to this area and was in HB a few days ago and thinking about the place of wool in its history. There are so many interesting communities perched in the hills along Calderdale -a really fascinating area.


  4. It is a wonderful article, I thoroughly enjoyed it I hadn’t realised it was you.

    I am a member of the Northern Earth Group whose editor and organiser is John Billingsley who is also based and very much involved in Heptonstall. John is an authority of folk traditions and earth mysteries.

    It it is a wonderful part of the world and your article portrayed it beautifully.


  5. Oh Kate, I have been trying to get a copy of the latest edition up in my part of the world! I didn’t know you had an article in it. I’ll have to chase up my little paper shop to see if it’s in yet. Congratulations!


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