I love to walk in the winter light. I love the way the sun transforms things by glancing rather than illuminating. . .


. . . making long shadows.


Light brings the landscape back to life in the declining part of the year.


In the winter light, you can appreciate the truly heroic form of trees. . .


. . . and those of lone fishermen.


. . . enjoy the colour of a cow’s russet pelt . . .


. . . and crows against the quiet fire of an early evening sky.


31 thoughts on “winter light

  1. Vivid photos, I enjoyed them so much, the depth of color. I have never seen a cow like that. The shadows looked like they belong to giants. What a wonderful post.


  2. Bonjour,
    Your pictures are sooooooooo beautiful!!! You are very créative and your work is unique. Bravo!
    I look to all the blog and I think you are very lucky to live in this splendide nature.


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous snaps–there is much to love about a winter lanscape, with or without snow.

    BTW, I asked my mom about the Archers, and she said that as a Horrobin she has always had a special interest;)


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