The days aren’t too easy here — there are some things I am really struggling with. But the start of December always feels like the turning of a corner. Last year, three of my favourite blogs featured their own versions of the advent calendar. I loved tracing the month through Alexandra‘s wry and subtle photographic eye, Felix’s sonic brilliance, and Colleen’s always-marvelous writing about memory, the material, and the seasonal. Each day, I looked forward to opening the next ‘door’ on their calendars, and I was so happy to see that all three are following similar advent paths this year. I’ve decided to join them with daily doors on my own December. For the first day, here is the waxing moon, recently seen above a favourite landscape.

And for the many of you who have been inquiring about the satchel: yes, that’s right, it is made by the wonderful Cambridge Satchel Company, who I cannot recommend highly enough. I love my satchel (a masterpiece of beautiful, careful, and unfussy design) and I love the CSC! Also, to any of you who have expressed interest in the Fugue tam and mittens — Lilith is now keeping a ‘kit list’ for anyone who would like to be informed when both pattern(s) and yarn are ready (for shipping to all locations, domestic and worldwide). Just drop her a message at and she will let you know when things are ready to go.