The first snowy walk of the season.

As I had a vague idea of attempting a solo mountain walk in a few weeks time, Tom suggested I should test my navigational skills on a familiar route. The tops of the hills were swathed in cloud as we approached, giving us little sense of how wintry the conditions would be above.

At about 700 metres, we reached the snowline, and the mountain seemed even more mysterious. Just how much snow could there be up there?

There was quite a lot by 800 metres. . . .

. . . and an awful lot by 900. My navigational skills in such conditions are officially rubbish, and both of us found ourselves wishing for poles or ice axes (which we had come without). But it was very good simply to get out, and go up and down a mountain, and I can report that my woolen vest, base layer, sweater, and two pairs of thick wool tights, protected me more than adequately from the sub-zero windchill (I heartily recommend two pairs of good woolen tights for cosy legs and ease of movement. One can don the hideous, draughty, sweaty waterproof pants if and when the weather gets wet). On the descent we were treated to a fabulous West Highland sky

and we treated ourselves to a tasty pint at the walk’s end.

17 thoughts on “five

  1. Hmmmmm thank you for the wonderful pictures and fabulous story – missing Scotland loads and can’t wait to get out there in the next couple of weeks!


  2. Fantastic, I wish it were me up there… I can also vouch for the wooly tights in cold weather. That’s exactly what I did last year in Chicago, although I must confess that at -23C and with razor-like wind the pairs were actually *three*.


  3. I live in the country and can’t navigate my way out of any piece of land that doesn’t have a road running alongside it. Your walk looks beautiful. Thanks for the satchel co. info. The elves are running one up for me as I type! Can’t wait to open my xmas pressies.


  4. Snow! I think I need to get out of the city. I promise your navigational skills are better than mine, at least you don’t confuse the compass.

    I’m sure we had this conversation already, but now I have a more pressing need to know – where do you get the woolly tights from?


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