Behind today’s advent calendar “door” we have a couple of studies in green and gold. First up, the not-so-secret ingredient in Tom’s Christmas ale. We are already looking forward to this festive brew! I’ve always been intrigued by Lyle’s Lion and Bees trademark, and only today discovered that “out of the strong came forth sweetness” is a reference to Samson’s riddle in Judges 14:14. The choice of a decaying animal carcass as a brand image seems really quite remarkable — not least when one considers its iconic longevity and success. You can read more about Lyle’s branding here.

After photographing the can of syrup, and leaving Tom to his brewing, I went out for a walk and spotted this green-and-gold lichen covered tree. I went to get a closer look. Me and the camera spent some time contemplating the lichen’s amazing form . . .

. . . like delicate, fluttering wings caught in a moment of stasis.

a vivid, velvet gold.

. . . before being disturbed by a curious dog, and its owner, who was doing her best not to seem interested in my tree-gazing activities. Anyway, green and gold are a very seasonal combination, and put me happily in mind of another tree, which we shall be bringing home and decorating next weekend.