I’ve always liked the Dalahäst, and was really pleased when my horse-themed stamps turned up here yesterday. This one is designed by the Mayberry Sparrow and I love it. The Dalahäst reminds me of a wintertime trip that Tom and I took to Stockholm a few years ago, one of the highlights of which was hearing Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in the Storkyrkan. The music was utterly marvellous, and, during the interval everyone decamped outside to enjoy some hot soup. I remember the warmth of the soup, the hush of the city under snow, and the twinkling lights of the candles in the Cathedral yard. Truly magical. I bought a couple of horses while we were in Stockholm — I know they are singularly touristy objects, but I really like them, particularly at this time of year. The one at the bottom will hang on our Christmas tree.

11 thoughts on “eleven

  1. I too have a soft spot for the swedish horses (my mum’s friend ran off to Sweden when I was small and I got send a lot of swedish things, and I remember visiting IKEA in Sweden and thinking it was so exotic!). I’m loving the advent calendar but very sorry you are not having good time. Big love xxx


  2. I’m so very fond of Scandinavian ‘stuff’ around Christmas! We have friends that live in Norway and every year as a child they would send us something touristy and we loved and cherished each piece with such gusto!


  3. One of my friends grew up not so far from Dalarna where the wee horsies originate. She had a rocking horse-size one in her living room. One Christmas another friends said she had always wanted a big-arsed Dala horse and her boyfriend carved her one.

    I miss Scandinavia so much right now.


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