As I’m on a monochrome theme today, here is a sneak peek at a new design — the next in a series of creature-themed kids’ garments I’m planning — a menagerie, if you will. This one is made for a wee boy — can you guess which beastie inspired it? (Clue: it featured in the final episode of Life). Also, a quick heads-up that Lynne Barr will be here for a conversation about stitch and sizing on the 22nd. I’m really looking forward to it! You can follow Lynne on her blog tour over at Melanie Falick’s — and, if you are quick, those of you on the other side of the Atlantic can also enter a competition here to win a copy of Reversible Knitting — a must for every contemporary knitterly bookshelf.

6 thoughts on “peek

  1. I haven’t seen that episode yet (it’s a Sunday night iPlayer ritual in our house). Now I shall be watching it and looking out for potential knitting patterns!!


  2. Ooo – how exciting. A lemur???? Hope so, I love them, as does my small boy. Will post my daughter’s owlet on ravelry before long although it is looking well worn already, she has hardly been out of it since the start of autumn. Thanks for the advent posts – I am really enjoying them.


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