Now, I looked for an ass, but there were none to be found — no doubt they were all sensibly hunkering in a stable somewhere. I knew where I could reliably find an ox, though. This is Hamish, and at all times of the year he can be seen outside Kilmahog woollen mill. Hamish is probably the most photographed coo in Scotland, and he has become an attraction in his own right. During the Summer months, when we drive past him on our way to the Highlands, he is generally surrounded by a busload of adoring tourist buddies, feeding him apples and marveling at his horn span. And no wonder – for what a handsome, impassive beast he is!

5 thoughts on “nineteen

  1. What a very fine looking beast. Totally deserving of the admiration. I think I have heard of people spinning highland cow hair, I love the colour of it. Happy birthday to Tom, hope you had splendid weekend Lxxx


  2. I actually saw Hamish this summer during a knitting tour; yes, I was one of those in a busload. I did wonder whether one could spin some of his bovine hair (?). Hamish would not come out of his shed so we only saw his tail-end. How delightful to see his head. Many thanks,

    Wendy in South Carolina


  3. I knew of a Scottish Highland cow who once, in a fit of boredom, used solely his horns to overturn a packed-full hay wagon. I’m glad to hear Hamish is such a serene beast!


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