Here is the first thing I saw in 2010 . . .

. . . and here is the second . . .

Tom preparing the first cup of tea of the decade — a welcome sight on an incredibly chilly morning. We saw in 2010 in a tent by the edge of Crummock Water. There was a bright blue moon, a hooting owl, and a little malt whisky. We wrapped up warm.
Normal blog business will resume very shortly, but for now, happy new year, everyone!

34 thoughts on “2010

  1. Wow! How amazing. I watched the long night blue moon. But through the telephone wires. I said at the time that I wished we were far away and your pictures will make me endeavor to try harder next year! Happy New Year.


  2. Happy New Year.
    We were in Cumbria for New Year too and felt very bold walking round Sale Fell in the snow at midday. But it was cold enough for us overnight in our cottage. What can it have been like getting up in the middle of the night for you in that tent?


  3. Happy New Year Too!!
    Wow.. I’ve been telling friends and family for years now that I really want to spend New Years once the way you did.. In my vision I’ll go camping with a couple of friends in the middle of no-where, and from 6pm on the 31st you are no longer allowed to look at your watch, or cell phone… we’ll just have great food, a camp fire, and then by the time it’s getting light again.. we’re in the next year…


  4. Beautiful! I haven’t been winter camping in awhile…. makes me itch to get out there.

    Just noticed I have the same stove and teapot as you! Love that pot, love!!


  5. That sounds like a great new year. After all the holiday craziness my husband and I are toying with the idea of camping at x-mas next year. I’m totally jealous because your campsite looks lovely!

    Happy new year to you!


  6. Happy New Year! What a great way to start the year. My husband and I each got a bear bell from my parents for Christmas and I can’t wait to hook them onto our food barrel and go on a little canoe trip.


  7. Happy New Year To You Both.
    What a terrific way to start the New Decade and how wonderfully chilly it looks. Over here there is a bushfire awareness alert for the Lower West, up to 40oC today and gusty easterlies. So, my fireplan boxes are all ready just in case…. However, the kangaroos just keep on eating all the plums which are rapidly being blown off the trees in the orchard!


  8. Wow :) My favourite new year was cycling up Harbour Hill in the Pentlands in time for some whisky and chocolate on top with my boyfriend. Just got up in time to see the fireworks from the castle and the rest of the city. I very much appreciated a warm bed to cycle home to though!


  9. gorgeous! you are quite batty, but there are many of us ;) the best pressie from my in-laws was tent pegs ;)

    you’ve spurred me on to research down sleeping bags :D


  10. Incredible and what a fantastic, amazing sight to wake up to. I have to say, though, your beautiful photos made me shiver. I’ve not managed to warm up all day and I’m in a house, with the heating on and a hat. Happy New Year!


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