another dress

Here’s another dress I made for myself over the holidays. This is something I intend to wear for work: it is neat and smart, but also easy to get about in during my daily walks to the station and back. The pattern is Vogue 8146 — one of those ‘easy’ Vogue suit patterns, which includes a dress and a nice wee jacket. I am actually quite tempted by the jacket, and may well make one for myself at a later stage, as I have enough matching fabric to do so. The fabric is a good quality Shetland tweed, and I bought it from this Skye based designer, who has a shop here on the Royal Mile. At the end of each season, she apparently sells off her excess fabric, with all proceeds going to Macmillan Nurses. I bought 3 metres at a very reasonable price, and was able to cut this dress out of less than a metre. I should point out, however, that I shortened it by 6 inches, so less fabric was actually needed than the amount the pattern specifies.

I do like a wool dress, and this is a nice, straightforward one. There are two sets of darts in front, and one in back, which creates a good tailored fit. If I’d been feeling braver when cutting out the fabric, I might have also shortened the body a tiny amount (the pattern includes guidelines for doing this) — though Vogue sizing fits me well in all other respects, I do find that their patterns are designed for women with a slightly longer torso than myself. I made the dress over two days: it took me one morning to prepare and cut the fabric, and another morning to sew up. The bodice includes facings, but no lining. It hangs well, and is a neat, simple pattern. Overall, I am very pleased with it, and particularly so with the neatness of the zip and the darts in back. You’ll just have to take my word for this, however, as it was so berloody cold when we were taking these pictures that I didn’t feel like taking my coat off and cavorting. Also, Tom was on a mission to score the ingredients for what he assures me will be the ultimate winter pie, and we had to get to the butchers. On such a chilly day, it is nice to return home to a warm kitchen, the sound of JRR and the promise of a tasty pie. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, too!