from ward 31

Hello, everybody. This is Kate, posting from ward 31 thanks to the wonders of the iphone. Thanks so much for all of your good wishes I have been very moved to read everyone’s comments and am certain that your collective positive vibes are helping me stay on top of things. The bizarre and still unbelievable news is that I have had a stroke. I apparently have a small hole in my heart (about which I knew nothing) – a clot went the wrong way through it and ended up in my brain. It has left me paralysed on my left side, and feeling generally weird and exhausted, but the good news is that some movement has already returned to the left hand, and I’m working hard at the physio, as you can imagine. I’m told that picturing yourself in movement really helps with the rehab; so I am spending much of my days dreaming of the hills, and replaying many of the wonderful walks Tom
and I have taken together. Ward life is inevitably grim, but the neurologists and nurses are fantastic and are doing all they can to make my uncomfortable body as comfortable as possible. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for you before too long. Till then, thanks again for the healing thoughts. Like I said, I’m sure I’m feeling their benefit
with much love to all of you