The weather is amazing – not so very long ago there was frost on the ground, but last week it warmed up, and everything seemed to suddenly spring into life. This kind of seasonal spontaneity reminds me of a North American Spring, but the kind of spontaneous human behaviour hot weather inspires could only happen in Scotland. As the temperature rose to the 80s yesterday, a mad carnival atmosphere seemed to grip Edinburgh. Every available green space in the city was festooned with folk out enjoying the sunshine. The crowd in the Meadows was gigantic – it looked as if a music festival was in full swing – students were posing and walking around barefoot, everyone was clad in their jolly summer clothes, and the air was thick with the smoke of a thousand barbecues. The frantic nature of our collective sunbathing / boozing / sausage eating may seem rather bizarre if you are not from round here: I remember having to explain things to a Dutch friend who was completely bamboozled by the sight of blokes walking around the city streets with their shirts off on a hot day. But this is Scotland: who knows what the Summer will bring? Anyway, the weather really is just lovely and has happily brought out the daisies, which provided a fitting backdrop to our mini manu photo shoot this morning.

Here is Freya examining the representation. . .

Before matching it up with the reality. . .

would you like a daisy?

are they better over there?

daisies this way!

oh yes, we were supposed to be taking pictures of a cardigan. . .

so, the specs:
project: mini manu, by me. Pattern coming soon!
yarn: ornkey angora “St Magnus” angora,
yardage: 2 skeins, 400m
size: 21″ (18 months)
gauge/ needles: 6 sts to the inch on 3.5mm addis.
ravelled: here

Massive thanks to Megan, and particularly to Freya, for a fun morning and superlative modeling!

Edited to add: the pattern is now available