I’ve never really been one for the camera on my phone, but since I acquired one of those silly apps that makes everything look like 1975, it has suddenly become much more interesting. Even when the Autumn light is pretty rotten (as it is at the moment) you can still get some quite appealing effects, and it is much easier for me to carry about than a heavy SLR. I am feeling much more perky today (hurrah), and have been out for a nice lunchtime ramble with Bruce around my locale. Here are a few shots from our familiar paths.

Trees in Victoria Park

One of Gormley’s Six Times, near Warriston

Cherry tree-lined path around St Marks. . .

. . .The Water of Leith

. . . sit . . .


Thanks for your comments on the previous post. I particularly appreciated what Debbie B and kblemay had to say. Also, a big thankyou to those of you who emailed me last night with the news that an o w l sweater had appeared on BBC4’s Only Connect. I really was ridiculously excited.