I am very excited – Mel has finished test knitting her tortoise and hare sweater! This means that the pattern is now imminent and I couldn’t resist giving you a peek. Her sweater is the 34-36″ size and is knitted in Blacker Designs 4 ply Gotland, which happily knits to the same gauge as their Shetland. I love the light-on-dark colourway — the hares look like they are wearing their highland winter coats, and the whole sweater has a lovely, silvery, night-time feel.

You can add or remove rounds from the ribbing to lengthen or shorten the sweater. I have a woefully short torso and knit just under 4 inches, but the pattern recommends 6 inches, which is what Mel knit here, and which worked out just right for her dimensions. I like the way the waist shaping looks (if I do say so myself), and how cute are those braids?

In this next photo, you can see the side-shaping and Mel’s marvellous short-row sleeve caps.

. . . and here is the whole shebang.

Mel knit her sweater entirely to pattern, and I have to admit to a certain amount of knitterly hubris at how well it all turned out. It is ravelled here. The sweater pattern will be released together with the accompanying gauntlets and will be available very soon.

And while I think of it, I mustn’t forget to mention that Leah has kindly started a group on ravelry where you can share and discuss projects knit from my patterns. Now, I’m off for a walk. See you later!