The weather has been glorious all weekend – the trees in Edinburgh seem at the height of their Autumn hues – and we’ve spent a lot of time outside enjoying some local colour. We completed a pleasant circuit of Holyrood Park today, taking a detour to visit Hunter’s Bog. For the running club to which Tom belongs, this bog is the stuff of myth and legend. In a slightly different sense, it has a near-mythic status for me too, for, despite the hundreds of times I must have wandered around Holyrood, I have never actually managed to come across this bog. In fact, I was beginning to doubt its very existence until Tom pointed it out to me quite recently from the top of Arthur’s Seat. From that distance it looked like an unimpressive muddy puddle, but I was assured its bogginess was much more powerful close-to.

Holyrood is a great place for a Sunday stroll. The views of the city are superb. . .

. . . and turning the other way, there is the drama of the crags.

Those wee protruberances up there against the skyline are folk ascending and descending Arthur’s Seat. It seemed very busy up there, as it always is on a sunny day. We followed the slightly quieter, low-level undulating paths and avoided the crowds.

Someone nicked my hat . . .

. . .but he knew his way to the bog, which did not look like a puddle at all, but rather seemed golden and idyllic in its stillness, just as a mythic bog should be. . .

. . . until the peace of the moment was shattered, and the water’s reflections broken by an over-enthusiastic puppy . . .

This way, bogface! Time to go home!

26 thoughts on “Hunter’s bog

  1. What a lovely bog blog, and beautiful scenery.

    I’ve been following your blog ever since you appeared in an issue of The Knitter wearing the gorgeous hare & tortoise top. You are inspiring; I aspire to your skills in knitting (eek – steeks!) and photography, alongside your wonderful wordcraft.
    It’s been many years since my sister, cousin and I were dragged up Arthur’s Seat. It was blowing an absolute hoolie – when we got to the top us children couldn’t put our heads above the peak for fear of being blown away! Then my cousin managed to run and fall over in a massive puddle (it had aspirations to be a loch), which was pleasant for the journey back to my grandfather’s house in Ayrshire. Steamy windows all the way…

    So thank you Kate, for the memories, the inspiration, and the calm and relaxation I gain from taking a break from my world to peek into yours.


  2. I love reading about your life, and, the puppy is the perfect accent you’ve needed in needled, for some time. Just delightful…. thank you !


  3. Beautiful pictures again.
    I was waiting for you to say that Bruce jumped onto one of those green mossy-like surfaces that grow on top of the water at swampy places, and in some rivers.
    We had a dog which did this years ago, and looked very embarrassed as the ground(what he thought was soft green) gave way beneath him, and he plunged into the water. Lol poor doggy, he was very confused.


  4. I’ve discovered the bog (purely by accident), but didn’t know it had an actual name.
    Beautiful photographs, and I am not surprised your lovely hat got nicked! Pattern?


  5. Love the new look header – not least because I am keen to have a go at those fingerless gloves. I’m still feeling worried about colourwork – and when I read something about a crocheted steek on Mel’s ravelry entry for tortoise and hare, I thought a glove or two might be the better place to start!


  6. We used to live at the top of Willowbrae which meant we were part way up the hill on the edge of Arthur’s Seat. This brought back so many memories of lovely walks. There is something magical about the park on a bright autumn day.

    Sounds like you’ve had a good week – hope it continues.


  7. I just discovered your blog through Ravelry and am enjoying it immensely! My husband and I plan to take an excursion to Edinburgh on a Great Britain cruise next May so I will be taking note of all these beautiful places you post about!


  8. Silly pup….they always manage to get into the muddiest spots.
    No mud for our pup today in the woods – no bogs that we saw…it’s a beautiful day here, too.
    Lovely pictures…Great hat!!!


  9. hmmmm…. I’m not sure who’s more lucky- tom with the ‘new’ hat or the bog-dog!
    So glad to see some sunshine- even if it is just in your photos!


  10. What a perfect post for a beautiful Sunday, there and here in Virginia. No bogs around here, but i must go out and rake the pine needles from the paths so the Trick or Treaters don’t slip on them tonight.


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