The Tortoise and Hare sweater and gauntlets are now ready! You can find them here or here! (Grateful thanks to Momoko, Tanya, and most especially to Mel, for test-knitting and extremely useful pattern feedback).

For a limited time only, if you buy a copy of the sweater, you will receive a free copy of the gauntlets in the same download. BOGOF! Bargain! (If you have no interest in knitting the sweater, you can of course buy the gauntlets individually). A note to those who would describe themselves as novice knitters: though the Tortoise and Hare sweater is not difficult, and I hope my instructions are clear and straightforward, because of the steeking, braids, and long colour repeats, I would say it was a project that was suited to the fairly experienced knitter – so if you were thinking of trying this as your first attempt at colourwork, I’d have a go at the gauntlets first.

And if you have any queries about either pattern, please post them on the discussion thread (rav link) in the Kate Davies ravelry group – I will pop over and respond next Sunday (14th). Cheers, everyone – as I’m sure you can imagine, it means a lot to me to finally get these patterns out there!

36 thoughts on “tortoise and hare: released!

  1. found you on ravelry. i really really do love your designs! so gorgeous!
    my seven and five year old kids loves the owls, bunnys and the paper dolls.
    :o) this winter i have to knit.


  2. Your patterns are terrific, and I have several of them. Your new addition, “The Tortoise and Hare” pieces are going to have to be mine, too, I think. More importantly, I want to tell you that I am cheering for you every day. I read about your problems, adventures, creativity, pitfalls, accomplishments, and your courage. You have a lot of courage. I am cheering for you.


  3. Hello Kate,

    Thanks for a great pattern and the gift of the gauntlets too – I just downloaded my copy. Some days I feel like the hare and some days I am the tortoise……………..


  4. This is great! Congratulations on another excellent pattern. I am especially pleased that the gloves are included! I am wondering what to do first. I have knit stranded sweaters before, but I have never made gloves. I have never steeked either. It is hard to say whether I am a glove beginner or a steek novice!


    1. I notice that this time there are no little girl or kiddie sizes. This will be a good change for me. My daughter has 2 Kate Designs sweaters, while I have only 1 (plus 1 ufo). So I can make something cute for myself first.


  5. This is such a beautiful pattern, and it will be all the more special to work on having shared, to a certain extent, in the process of its design and what it has meant to you. Thank you.


  6. Thank you for the wonderful Tortoise and the Hare… The sweater looks as though it will be fascinating to knit. I am particularly fond of hares. Also, a treat to have the gauntlet pattern too…. Off to walk Woody the dog now he chewed my knitting yesterday but I have managed to fix it up. The ball of wool is another matter.


  7. Dear Kate,

    Wow, these are magnificent! Just downloaded them and have to say, you write excellent patterns!

    Lots of love from Holland,


  8. Oooh….whiskers forward, ears back and racing off like a hare to get the pattern….regretfully I shall probably be like a tortoise when it comes to finishing it :) Perhaps the gauntlets first ….. I do like a nice gauntlet.


  9. What a great deal! I wasn’t planning to buy the sweater pattern because I frankly think it’s too advanced for me, but this was too great a deal to pass up. And now that I have the pattern it can be a good challenge to aspire to!


  10. Thank you so much, Kate. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages, but realise you have plenty of other stuff going on to keep you busy. beautiful pattern, i can’t wait to start.


  11. Both pieces are positively gorgeous; the braids add that special touch. I’m a great fan of the fingerless mittens (of course,) and their finger-holes (which just sounds dirty.)


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