When Martha Joy left a comment comparing Tantallon‘s colour scheme to the wrapping of a Norweigan chocolate bar, I was intrigued. I just had to see it for myself. We agreed to a little exchange, and she kindly sent me a couple of kvikk lunsj in return for a taste of one of Scotland’s finest confections. We can now confirm that hat and choc do indeed share a happy resemblance.

As a a high-energy snack enjoyed by walkers, kvikk lunsj seems to be the Norweigan equivalent of our Kendal Mint Cake. Apparently, each bar used to have the Norweigan fjellvettreglene (mountain code) printed on its wrapper. I rather like this idea.

The tantallon-wearer made kvikk work of one after a snowy walk yesterday. . .

thankyou, Martha Joy!

18 thoughts on “kvikk lunsj

  1. In Norway we do lots of cross country skiing during Easter holiday ( after all, the Norwegians are born with skis on our feet ). There are two things that is mandatory to bring to these skiing trips: Kvikk Lunsj and oranges.

    Kvikk Lunsj was first made in 1938. In average each Norwegian eats 9 Kvikk Lunsj each year, and 3 of them during Easter holiday.
    In US the KitKat chocolate is similar to the Kvikk Lunsj, but of course the Kvikk Lunsj tastes a lot better :D


  2. I just noticed that Tom’s shirt is red and his eyes (on my monitor, at least) are green! So he and the Kvikk Lunsj wrapper are exceptionally well matched.


  3. Ah, kvikk lunsj is my favourite! It’s like a kit kat. Only so much better. (I’m an exiled Norweian and can’t get them in Denmark; I feel the nostalgia right now!)


  4. If you asked a Norwegian – any Norwegian – which chocolate to bring when hiking in the mountains, Kvikk lunsj would be the answer. The wrapping has had the same design for years and years. To be honest I never really noticed it before I saw your beautiful hat.


  5. I’m in Edinburgh as an exchange student until May, and Kvikklunsj is one of the few Norwegian things I’m really missing. KitKat is definitely NOT the same. Æsj.


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