Holyrood Park

It is not easy to venture far afield in this weather, so we we had another local walk today. It was time for me to try out my new Winter boots (bought with the proceeds of the shoe sale several weeks ago). . .

. . . and for Bruce to test his stick-in-the-snow retrieval skills.

Many folk clearly had much the same idea. In places, Holyrood Park assumed a carnival-like atmosphere.

people were sledging . . .

. . . skiing . . .

. . . and boarding.

We ran into some friends. Calum had built himself a cosy snowhole.

And the swans on Dunsapie Loch were zealously guarding their own hole in the ice.

The Lomonds of Fife (the hills to the left above the spires) looked very inviting.

And I am happy to report that the new boots and crampons kept my feet comfortable, warm and stable for three and a half snowy miles.

No poles, either. Bingo!

Edited to add: on closer examination, I think those snowy hills are actually the Ochills rather than the Lomonds . .