see them shufflin along. . .

There is not much I can say, except that this lopsided shuffle SEEMS LIKE SOME SORTA BLOODY MIRACLE. It feels especially good for me to pootle past the lamp-post that you can see in the final moments of this clip, as I saw it from a very different perspective just under a year ago – viz, lying on the ground, freaked out and fookin freezin, with one side of my body completely paralysed. It really is incredibly hard for me to run at all – my brain has to ‘tell’ my left leg and arm exactly what to do as I am making each step; I can only move like this on entirely flat ground; I have to wear giant boots and orthotics; and I can only keep it up for about 30 seconds at a time. Still, it is improving every day, and it seems to help my walking, too (over the past months, I have often found that trying to do things that are physically difficult seems to really help me to accomplish movements that are slightly ‘easier’). I must stick at it, and buy some new running gear (this gnome-outfit is clearly not activity-appropriate, but I chucked all my running stuff away in one of my recent purges). Anyway, can I also say that I am feeling damned proud of myself? And that it has taken some BLOODY HARD WORK to get here? I think a celebratory ale may be in order. . . CIN CIN!