We spent yesterday over in the East Neuk of Fife. The weather was coming-and-going, but we timed things right, and were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely sunny walk by the north side of the Firth. Spring is definitely on its way! When things clouded over, we popped into the Scottish Fisheries Museum, which, despite the (for me) disappointing lack of fishwives is still well-worth a visit.

. . .Victorian graffiti

. . . swooning figurehead

. . . appropriate knots

. . . gutting herring

. . .ganseys

. . . Pittenweem knitters / gutters

. . . jolly knitted fishy

Much food for thought.

Ah yes, I wonder what I could be wearing in that last photo? . . . More tomorrow!

30 thoughts on “fishy

  1. I don’t know how I missed the hat you mentioned in this post. I love your blog and read it regularly. One reason I read it is, the interesting things and places you write about, and the second reason is, to check on you and keep up with your recovery. I happen to love the hat you spoke of, and the pictures of the hat convinced me to order the yarn from Alice Starmore, juuuuuuust in case you decide to write a pattern. Call me hopeful.


  2. Despite living up the road from Anstruther for the past four years (sadly no longer) I somehow never managed to make it to the Fisheries museum. I’ll have to make a special stop on my next visit based on your description.


  3. I love the East Neuk, I was in Crail last week, they have a copper cappon (smoked haddock) as the weathervane on the town hall! Then we went to Anstruther (as you must) for fish and chips. Last time I was in the Fisheries museum there was a fabulous exhibition of knitted stockings. Looking forward to the sweater…


  4. Its funny how I can look at something for years literally and not see it. For the first time, when I looked at the charted herringbone pattern in your photo, I realized that it was herring bone! Up til now, that has simply been a textile pattern in my mind. Separating the words on the chart label and the context of your photo showed me!


  5. love the figurehead-she has a beautiful face…..and those knitters! Now i feel the tease of spring although crocus time is about a month away here. We currently have lot of snow that needs melting.
    Every time I read a new post I am more determined to travel to Scotland


  6. I loved my trip to the East Neuk a few years back. I think it’s time for a revisit. Yesterday it did feel as if spring was here – today it’s back to the wet and grey – oh well, time for knitting rather than walking ;-)


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