Unusual to see a pair.

28 thoughts on “lost

  1. My good friend and colleague’s father lost one of his arms as a child. My friend, living in Philadelphia and New York always picks up and keeps any left-hand gloves and mittens she finds throughout her travels and wanderings. She then gives them to her father for Christmas each year because he hates buying a pair when he only needs one. Your post made me chuckle and I thought – this just would never do for Rebecca!


  2. It reminds me of a something I heard the stand-up comic Lee Evans say, about how once a fence is built the builders will place a single glove on it to mark it as complete. Hee hee!


  3. I lost a pair last winter – knit with my first hand dyed wool! I was on a train so my darling husband ‘phoned every lost property office on the line to enquire after them – to no avail. I sometimes think of them still – I hope they went to a grateful home!


  4. I once intentionally spent 2 weeks trying really hard to lose a pair of mittens, but they kept finding their way back to me. As I hope these gloves do too! (not to me, obviously, but to their rightful owner)


  5. I once heard a lecture with an artist that had collected single lost gloves and mittens for several years. He said that he found it very difficult to leave them, if he found a pair (as he was only “allowed” to collect single ones). His dad had once forgot one of his gloves in the artist’s apartment, and never got it back.


  6. Candice beat me to it with the suggestion of a string! I would rather lose the pair than just one – I once lost an earring and didin’t know what to do with the remaining one. I was sure that if I threw it out, I would immediately find the missing one!


    1. I don’t know if it’s just in Australia, but streetlore here is that a pair of shoes hanging from a powerline indicates that drugs are sold from the house closest to the shoes. Are you sure your convenience store is only selling bread and milk? ;)


  7. Must have fallen out of a pocket – together – I’m so glad they are together – hopefully the owner goes the same way daily and will find them.

    Good luck little gloves !


  8. Aw, I hope someone comes back for them. It must have been tempting to take them home if you find a pair. One glove is never any use, but a pair….


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