Deco is here!

At last! I have released Deco! Clearly, I am behind the times in more ways than one – it seems that the Futurists came up with the idea of mirroring skyscrapers on garments long before me:

Fortunato Depero, illustration for American Vogue, 1930.

The more I write up my designs, the more obsessed I become with developing an economy of instruction. The hallmark of the pattern-writing of the designers I most admire – Gudrun springs immediately to mind – is clarity and brevity. I do hope that I’ve achieved that here, and that knitters enjoy the process, as well as the finished result, of their Decos (would you like to see Mel’s recently completed version? How nice is that ribbon trim?)

Anyway, the pattern can now be found here or here!

Well, we’re off for a highland adventure in what Felix has dubbed the ‘wazzwagon’. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, however you are spending it!