Here are me and my Ma in 1976. This photograph probably suggests several of my mother’s more immediate qualities – her strength, capability, and beauty – but what you don’t get a sense of here is what I most admire her for – her committed social conscience, shrewd business acumen, daft wit, and deep sentiment. Happy Birthday, Ma!

23 thoughts on “1976

  1. Lovely photo, I think she stands like you, or visa-versa, and you both look very suntanned.

    Look at your little legs, and think of all those miles/km’s you have put in on them :-)


  2. Ah yes – what would the world be like without a bit of daft wit…that looks like a lovely location – reminds me of the Blue Mountains here in Oz…..


  3. Happy Birthday!
    I once asked everybody I knew to call one of my friend’s on his birthday. It was ringing so much that he had to turn it off while he was at work.


  4. Oh I do love it when you bust open DAS FOTO-ARCHIVES to bring us beautiful, momentous, occasion-capturing images from your life such as this one. It always feels like a real privilege to see your family photos. And I love this one with your stripey dress and your Ma’s stunning dress/kohl combo!

    Happy Birthday to your Ma from me x


  5. This is a very beautiful picture. You look more like your mum than your dad especially the eyes and their look. Happy Birthday to her.


  6. A very happy birthday to your ma xx
    The date ‘1976’ is very precious to me, as it is the year my son was born – and, he calls me ‘ma’ too!


  7. You look just like her!! How great is that? Hope your Mum has a great birthday and thanks to her for producing you and all your talents.


  8. Great photo – very strong as you say. Happy birthday to mother – I know how important it is to be remembered. Where is that lovely waterfall?


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