Everything is so very green here at the moment. After some much-needed rain yesterday, my locale seems even more verdant.

Some things are already past their best:

while others are reaching the height of their powers.

Down at the lade today, I saw three spectacularly bright kingfishers flitting in and out of the bank-side — a mother, and two youngsters who were being shown the ropes. My macro lens is rubbish for capturing little birds, but happily, my heron-buddy is much too big to miss.

I am so enjoying my walks at the moment — I have had two really ‘bad’ days since going up Beinn Ghlas, but have been otherwise OK. So I’ve been trying to increase my foot miles, in the hope of building up strength and stamina for further climbs. I managed six miles on Wednesday, and another six yesterday – this is close to what I’d regard as a ‘normal’ daily distance, so I am really rather pleased. Three of yesterday’s miles involved popping into town to get my eyes tested – the sort of foot journey I’d have thought nothing about previously, but just to stride up Broughton Street felt completely amazing. I should also mention a simple thing that I’ve found really helps me to maintain my energy levels, which is having snacks on hand to eat throughout the day. This is so bloody obvious, I feel stupid for not discovering it earlier, but, in the past, lunch was a meal that didn’t really exist for me. I liked to write without distractions on an empty stomach, and, with the prospect of Tom’s tasty home cooking ahead of me in the evening, would often spend a working day consuming nothing but copious quantities of tea. This sort of behaviour is probably not good for anyone, but it would definitely be bad for me in my current position. I’ve had to totally change my relationship to food, and have a range of snacks about me at all times – especially while walking. Nuts and Soreen alone cannot beat post-stroke fatigue, unfortunately, but eating regularly definitely helps to keep me on an even keel. (I can’t believe I’m writing about my eating habits, but it is good to have a record of these things, recovery-wise).

Well, I’m off to fill up the wazzwagon with high-energy snacks in the hope of attempting another hill tomorrow. Thanks for your lovely comments recently – hope you all have a nice weekend!