things that make me happy

1. Garter stitch in the round. I had heard tell of this nifty technique, and after Jean mentioned it recently, I popped over to Fleegle’s marvelous blog where The Ways were revealed. Try it – it really is that simple. There is no visible join at the start of the round, and using two skeins of yarn is no impediment to anyone used to colourwork. It has transformed something I’ve been working on for a few months now. I am Very Excited. Fleegle is some sorta genius.

2. A lost-and-found story involving a dollheid tam and the power of the interwebz (scroll down the page for the English version if you don’t read Norweigan).

3. Best of all: My Dad, who recently discovered he has prostate cancer, had the offending gland whipped out a few days ago, and seems to be recovering remarkably well from surgery. We are off to Rochdale to see him! Huzzah!

(My Ma, Tom, My Dad)