Hiya. I am Bruce. When the humans go away, I get to live in this box with them.

Living in the box means that I can go exploring. This is good.

But they still don’t let me at the delicious smoky things. This is bad.

I eat meats, so why can I not eat these meats?

And why may I not sniff at the behinds of my three new friends?

Humans are unaccountable and strange. Here, for example, they told me proudly that I was “Ireland’s most northerly dog.”

. . .and here that I had to sit very still because I was on “giantscauseway”

Humans, you are stupid. Who cares what a place is called? What matters is how it smells and whether or not there are dead crabs to be found there.

When a place is lacking in dead crabs, it usually has a stick.

Watersticks are particularly good.

I’ve recently discovered a fun new game . . .


I’m not sure why they find me so amusing . . .

. . . but I think that the beach might be my favourite place of all.

69 thoughts on “a postcard from Bruce

  1. I shared Bruce’s guest post with my brother’s collie and she’s keen for further updates :-) Maybe Bruce needs a regular slot.


  2. Bruce, you’ve definitely made my day. I think that Dune Jumping must be one of the most wonderful activities for a creature such as yourself.
    Please post again!


  3. can I come and play BRUCE ?– will throw sticks , run in the water and give you lots of hugs– one of those long things on the grill may just slip to the ground when no one is looking

    – by for now BRUCE woof , woof –pat j


  4. Oh Bruce, what a wonderful adventure you had with your humans! I roared with laughter at your exuberance and sheer joy. I’m so glad Ireland was good for you all.


  5. Adorable, Kate! One day, please tell us how you chose “Bruce” as his name. :) I’m sure there is a story to that too.


  6. Thanks for sharing, Bruce! Whoever said “it’s a dog’s life,” in a negative way, must not have known about your’s!


  7. Dear Bruce,

    I can recommend dead starfish, if you get the chance. Or dead dogfish, though your owners may try and take these off you (as though shouting ‘drop it!’ was ever going to work). They generally don’t notice the starfish until they reappear…



  8. These pictures are amazing! They make me want a big black dog and travel around Ireland, too! So beautiful! You make my day!


  9. I adore Bruce! (Which also happens to be my husband’s name, but our Lab is yellow.) I don’t think there is much greater happiness on earth than a beloved Lab enjoying him/herself. You might also enjoy Pink Lemon Twist’s golden retriever’s July 8th entry: http://pinklemontwist.blogspot.com/
    He’s a funny, happy dog, too! All our retrievers make me smile.
    Happy Holiday!


  10. I started to smile at the first photo of Bruce and by the time I scrolled down the page I was laughing out loud. What a great dog. I love his smirk on the Giant Causeway and the full sand face. Thanks for sharing what looks to have been a wonderful holiday.


  11. As always Bruce makes me smile and reminds me of the great moments I have shared with the dogs in my life! Bruce is lucky to have such great humans for his friends!


  12. Such a great, handsome dog and lucky to live the life he does. I hope his writing career will flourish and we’ll hear more reports from the field posted by the new recruit.


  13. Thanks for your post Bruce. I have a small dog, Sophie and she does not like water, but does like digging holes. Those meats would be gone in a hurry and you certainly would have had your fill no matter what your humans said. She is not one for listening to directions very well. She is half dacshund and proud of it! I think she would love to run in the sand if she could stay out of the water. Have a great vacation Bruce!


  14. Dear handsome Bruce:
    You are the most philosophical dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    The meats….ahh…a mystery, it is, why the great hands giveth and also taketh away.
    But I see you still plumb the depths of joy and freedom in living your life come what may.
    I wish I could be like you, Bruce.
    seashoreknits (whose favorite place might also be the beach)


  15. Like I’ve always said: There is no point in going to the beach without a dog. I
    mean, what fun would that be?


  16. your typing skills are exemplary Bruce and as for why humans think you are adorable, it’s your gorgeous face, you could get away with almost anything i think!!


  17. Thanks for starting my morning off with a smile……so glad you are having a good vacation……how could you not in Ireland?


  18. If only my dog Olaf could read…we just got back from his first vacation with us, and he had a grand time too, swimming and playing. He would love this post!


  19. Hello. I am Buddy. I am the dog of Clare who sometimes comments here. I agree it it not fair about the meats. You should wait until their backs are turned, then you can take the meats and they will just do some yelling, then forget about it. But I think you should be careful about the beach. The beach is full of sand, which I do not like. Also once when my people told me that swimming out to them was a good idea, and I thought that it might be because I needed to make sure that they were okay, a very large piece of water came and fell all over me and I got swirled around and I sneezed water for a bit and when I got back on the land I had to keep my belly touching the ground. This was very bad because of all the sand, but if my belly was on the sand then at least I knew it wasn’t in the water. I do not like the beach. I do not know why the people go there.


  20. Hey Bruce I wish my lot would let me out on the beach – I would beat you all down that sand dune! Love Woody……sniff sniff


  21. Hi Bruce,
    Looks as though you’re having a great time, the beach is our favourite place too, thought our humans don’t like us rolling on all the smelly bits of fish and crab we find on the beach, such a good smell!
    Toby and Molly


  22. Dear Bruce, let me tell you a secret. One of the reasons I am a big fun of your mum’s blog is the chance of seeing you in one of her gorgeous pictures…

    Love to see you had so much fun!


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