green sleeve

I was never a particularly speedy knitter, and things have slowed down even further since my stroke. I ‘throw’ the yarn with my right hand and, though I enjoy working with my left hand when knitting Fairisle, I am curiously unable to adopt this ‘picking’ method with just one colour. I just can’t seem to get the tension right. For a slow knitter like me, producing a sleeve at 7 stitches to the inch can be a drawn-out affair . . . that is, until yesterday when I discovered . . .

Addi’s new mini circular needle! Tom is away cycling with our friend The Mule, and yesterday, inbetween walking Bruce and other usual Sunday tasks, I managed to knit a whole sleeve

(thanks again for the stitch-markers, Mary Jo)

To those of you whose sweaters fly off the needles this may not seem that remarkable, but round here, this level of production is quite unprecedented. I’m not sure I would enjoy working (say) twisted stitches this way, as the short tips can be quite fiddly, but for manic stockinette these needles are ideal!!

That is a whole green sleeve. And I am actually looking forward to the other one (unusual, for sleeves). Clearly I have a thing for green cardigans, as this is the third I’ve knit in as many years . . but they are all very different designs, as well as very different greens.

This particular green is ‘Maury’ from is Renaissance Dyeing’s ‘Troubador’ range. I really cannot say enough good things about Andie’s yarn – I absolutely love it. This green is bright, and luminous and rich – the colour of leaves in high Summer. My new cardigan involves some texture and, because the springy Poll Dorset fleeces have been combed rather than carded, the stitch definition is superbly crisp. Andie has named the colourway after Pierre Maury, a brave Ariègois shepherd, who, eight-hundred years ago, lived close to where Renaissance Dyeing is based. To hear more about him, and to see a fabulous video of la Fête de la Transhumance, go and have a look at Andie’s blog. The desire to take a trip to France is very strong.