Glen tae Ben

I have unfortunately not yet recovered from the evil infection — I am still not up to any sort of strenuous activity, but am also getting very berloody tired of being holed up indoors. I had itchy feet – but Tom had a plan. We would head off to the Highlands: he would do enough strenous activity for both of us, while I did some heavy-duty relaxing in pleasant surroundings. Tom had decided to cycle the Glen tae Ben — a 72 mile Audax cycle route around Loch Tay, which takes in some spectacular lochside and mountain scenery . . . along with some associated 20% inclines. On these permanent routes, the cyclist is issued with a brevet card which includes information controls, as well as spaces to get time/ date stamps from local shops and tea rooms, which prove that the participant has completed the full circuit. Tom particularly enjoys this business of getting his card stamped, as it means that a day’s riding is naturally punctuated with stops for cakes, tea, pies, pints, and other local fare.

We parked up in Glen Lyon. Tom got himself ready . . .

. . and then he was off.

While he was away, Bruce and I enjoyed some leisurely exploring of the lovely woods above the Bridge o’ Balgie.

We found glorious birch trees.

And beautiful views.

A while passed. It was a nice, sunny afternoon. Some knitting happened. I had a wee snooze. Bruce chewed up some sticks. The wanderer returned.

5 hours and twenty minutes in total, including stops for tea and cakes. All went smoothly, apart from a few minutes when he got caught up in the final stages of a middle distance triathlon, and thought he might have to get off his bike and run.

Further up the glen, we found a quiet spot behind the Tarmachan ridge. The heather is turning, and the hills are starting to put on their Autumn hues.

It’s good to be outside again.