A breezy day. Everything has that blown-out, blown-back look to it.

In the undergrowth, broom-pods rattle like crazy maracas.
And what’s that rustling beneath the willowherb and gorse?

:: I am already making the second mitten to form an actual pair. Hold still my beating heart – there will be a pattern.
:: My peppers are ripening nicely. Hurrah!
:: Have you seen this? I shall be there for the whole thing. Weaving! Sheep! Wool sorting and grading! How I excited am I?

17 thoughts on “breezy

  1. oooh, I love the blown seedpods picture and of Bruce rustling through the bracken. The weekend looks amazing, can’t wait to hear about it. Hope you have a lovely time! xxx


  2. Love the sound! Yay! for your peppers, here in NH our gardens are far too wet this year to produce much of anything. sad… As for attending Shetland Wool Week, a dream come true. Will you be teaching also?? If so, lucky them. I’ve been reading Kieran’s blog and keeping a close eye on his latest (gorgeous) creation “Daises”. I’m green with envy of you both.


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