A miscellaneous post:

First, a reminder that there are only five days remaining for entries in the Wovember competition. You could win some amazing things! One grand woolly winner will be selected by our friends at Jamieson & Smith, and there are other great prizes too: Blacker Designs are offering three runners-up awards for the best photos of sheep, and the Wovember team will also be choosing three “3 bags full” winners for the entries that best capture the creative use of wool. Above you can see some of the contents of the “bags” – a selection of lovely British wool in appropriate colours!

Next, I don’t know if you have had a look at the Wovember blog recently, but if you pop over there you’ll find some great posts from our wonderful woolly guests. For example, in from Sheep to Skein, talented British designer Susan Crawford tells us about the development of Excelana, a superb new breed-specific wool. You can also hear Diane, the Spinning Shepherd, talk about her woolly year, see Deb Robson’s take on endangered sheep breeds, learn about the different meanings of wool from inspiring artists and makers, and read some truly beautiful woolly stories, such as Rachael Matthews account of Walter’s Crook. But I am particularly excited today, as our guest blogger is none other than Oliver Henry — world expert on Shetland wool! You can read Ooey Ollie’s account of what wool means to him here.

(Oliver Henry demonstrates sorting Shetland wool. Photo by Billy Fox.)

Finally, on a personal note, things have been quite busy round here. There’s apparently a discussion of my work in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting, and, (just as exciting) on the pages of the new Shetland sheep magazine. I’ve yet to see either, but several folk seem to have found me having encountered Sheep Heid in the latter publication, so a big welcome to all you Shetland sheepy folk. Also, I’m pleased to say that some of my patterns will soon be available on the shelves of several UK retailers. I’ll be “launching” my new range of printed patterns at Baa Ram Ewe in Leeds on December 3rd. Just pop along between 4 and 6 if you’d like to have a chat! I’m not exactly sure what a pattern launch usually involves, but I’m pleased to say that this one will also feature my Ma and my sister, and perhaps a mince pie or two.

If you are a UK retailer and are interested in stocking my patterns, then do get in touch with me at the email address you’ll find over here. Meanwhile, I am working on two new designs which, all going well, will appear next month. One takes my Shetland sheep obsession to new levels, featuring over a hundred of them, and the other is inspired by this:

more anon.

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  1. I love your blog and your amazing patterns and thoughts regarding your craft. It motivates me to really think about what I’m knitting and how much better it can be! I found you thanks to my friends at yarns international. My husband is a fan as well. Having Scottish blood and a keen eye for color he’s drooling at all of your amazing creations. Your work has certainly motivated me to get to That part of the world. My husband has been there alot and loves it. I look forward to making the sheep heid at least a few times. So brilliant! It will be a hit here in new York for sure!


  2. Hi Kate: I have 2 fleeces of wool in my balcony since january. I wanted to spin my own yarn from the beginning, and a lovely friend brings those to me. I didn’t made it then because I had health problems. So, I like to show you the pictures of my first yarn soon if I have succes!




  3. Congratulations on all the wonderful things happening! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate 100 sheep into your new design. No matter what it is or how difficult, I’m going to make an early new year’s resolution to give it a go!


  4. Absolutely wonderful, I am thrilled to bits for you Kate. I wish you every success with your pattern launch, if I could zoom around the world I would be there too. Just for the mince pies of course, my favourite!!! British Wool – trumpets and hoorahs!!!


  5. Hope the sale of your patterns goes well. I forgot to comment on the last post, as I raced off to buy the pattern – it is going to be next on the to-do list after the Glimpse scarf (and I still have a heel to do on the latest pair of socks, I got sidetracked by several pairs of Cranford mitts for friends with painful hands/fingers)


  6. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to the new patterns. As of yet, I’ve only managed Owls but I’ve been meaning to knit a few more of your patterns for quite some time now.


  7. Kate,
    I’m so pleased to hear of all your successes. Not surprised all, somewhat relieved though—you’ve had such hard times. It gives me hope that you will be able to say this is where and what you are suppose to be right now. Rest assured… you have incorporated all your academic knowledge, habits, and research into your blog and particularly into Wovember. It goes without saying that I’ll be anxiously awaiting your new patterns. I’m so so so happy for you.


  8. Huzzah, I am so glad some of your patterns will finally be available by retail! Paypal and I have never got on….
    off to read the Wovember blog.


  9. That last photo almost makes me wish for snow… But I’m still quite happy to have rain, fog and no frost here in Oslo, thank you very much, weather gods.

    On a sheep heid note, did you spot this on ravelry? Sheep baby. She didn’t make a gauge swatch, but instead of ripping back converted the whole thing to a baby cardigan!


  10. Visiting this blog is just an exercise in pure enthusiasm for such wonderful topics – every time! I’m off now to follow along on some of those many tantalizing links you’ve provided!

    Congratulations on the pattern launch!


  11. Bravo! Well done Kate on all of this – it’s good to hear of these exciting developments! I’ve been racking my brains for a good submission for the Wovember competition, but no inspiration as yet :( I’m tempted to submit something musical, because there is a particular piece which keeps going round in my head, but I think that might be breaking the rules….!


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