Last night I packed up my case of samples, all ready for Leeds – but this morning I woke up with a streaming cold. Most folk would probably neck a lemsip and soldier on, but as all of my post-stroke symptoms – and particularly my hearing – are much worse when I have an infection, this really isn’t an option for me. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. So though there will be a launch today at Baa Ram Ewe, I will not be at it. My apologies to all of you who had made plans to meet me today – do please do go along to the shop in my absence to see my patterns and enjoy some festive cheer. Now I’m away back to my bed.

Edited to add:
my sister is going to attend the launch event in my absence. Helen looks like me, sounds like me, knits like me, and, when a teenager, was, in fact coerced by me into pretending to be me on a number of occasions. No coercion this time, but I’m very grateful that she’s able to be there on my behalf. Thanks, Helen!